Believe it or not, the outdoor adventure industry isn’t quite as profitable as Bear Grylls makes it look. That’s fine; we can’t all get rich drinking our own urine—although that is the dream. The rest of us accept the poor financial remuneration in exchange for being able to live a life in the outdoors; free from the confines of a desk and a boss who makes us sympathise with the perpetrators of mass shootings.

I started Action Adventures because I’m a 28-year-old kid. I wanted to spend my life climbing things and setting fires. The fact that I’ll probably wind up as an 80-year-old kid with no pension wasn’t a consideration. And, provided I continue refusing to think about it, it never will be.

It does mean I have to be careful about spending what little funds I have. Which is why I’m suffering from buyer’s remorse after purchasing a titanium camping mug.

I wasn’t looking for a mug. I was looking for a charging dock for an Xbox controller (Those things chew through batteries like you wouldn’t believe). But unfortunately, the people at are much, much smarter than me. The second I made my purchase, those sneaky Amazon bastards started bombarding me with adverts for shiny, useless things.

The first was an attachment for a Jetboil camping stove that turns it into a French press. Anyone who’s spent time with me knows that coffee is a big part of my life. Amazon clearly did. I really didn’t have a choice in the matter—I bought it immediately. Call me an idiot, but there are several groups coming wild-camping with me this year who’ll get to enjoy fresh coffee in the morning. So you’re welcome!

Jetboil Coffee Press

The robots at Amazon now understood that I had more money than sense (which is really saying something) so began trying their luck off-loading some rubbish.

300ml TITANIUM camping mug!!!!

I guess they knew by this point that I have the brain of a small child. So they knew that the second I saw the word “Titanium”, I’d think, “Ooo! Titanium! That’s like the real-world version of Adamantium! And that’s the stuff Wolverine has on his claws!”

Who the Hell needs a camping mug made from titanium? Me, apparently. And in case you think I can’t possibly be that stupid and must be making this up, Here’s a snap shot of my orders:

List of my amazon orders

Anyway, it would be comforting to think that I’m not the only person who could fall for this. So for those of you considering the purchase of a titanium camping mug, here are some pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of the Titanium Mug


  1. Titanium is strong. So you’d hope that it would take some effort to break it.
  2. Titanium is cooooooool!
  3. I’ve had it filled with hot water the entire time I’ve been writing (about 45 minutes now), and the water is still hot.
  4. Wolverine!


  1. This 300ml mug cost me £37.44!! That is so insane it makes me want to cry!
  2. It comes with a lid that doesn’t screw on or attach in any way. Therefore, I have no idea what the Hell the lid is for.
  3. You can buy a non-titanium camping mug from Tesco’s for around £5.00
  4. This thing cost £37.44!!


Everyone should buy this mug. It would be a huge favour to me because I’d feel like far less of an idiot. And, if you enjoyed reading this, it would be great if you could leave a like and share it with your friends.

Also, we occasionally run adventure activities, retreats, survival training and team-building. If you or anyone you know is interested in any of those things, contact me so we can organise something and I can continue to make ridiculous purchases, consequence free!

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