Let’s Get Serious About Your Bucket List


I was thinking of ways that I could grab your attention and a video of a cuddly panda with a bucket seemed like a good start. Unfortunately, it has very little to do with the rest of this blog—sorry.

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you’ll have noticed that I’ve set up a new group called “Go Beat the Bucket”. I thought I’d take a moment to explain what this is all about and where I’d like it to go in the future.

I had the idea after the first year of running trips at my facility in the Pyrenees. My goal was simply to give people the opportunity to have a go at some of the activities that I really enjoy: rock climbing, kayaking, hiking; all that good stuff. The idea was to get people outside for a fun weekend—that’s it.

Then the feedback started coming through and I’m pleased to say that it’s been overwhelmingly positive. It’s great to know that so many of you have enjoyed what we do. But some words and phrases started popping up that I wasn’t expecting: “Once-in-a-lifetime”, “best weekend of my life”, “magical”, “transformative”. I also heard people talking a lot about “personal-growth”. I’m not blowing smoke up my own arse either, people have genuinely said these things!

I don’t know about any of that “growth” stuff, I’m just a big kid who likes climbing things and jumping off other things. But it did get me thinking…

I’ve been on a few holidays in my lifetime that I would call “traditional”—going somewhere warm with a beach, some salt water and drinks with little umbrellas. But for the most part, I can’t really remember them all that well. I remember it was warm and I can remember applying lotion to some horrendous sun-burn, but that’s it.


These trips are relaxing and comfortable, but that’s not a recipe for creating amazing memories. Memories are created when we’re outside of our comfort zone.

The Facebook group is just the first step in what I hope will become a huge movement. To put it simply: I want to help you create memories that last a lifetime. I want to help you complete your bucket list.

The Name

Okay, I know that I haven’t had much luck with naming things in the past. But I’m hoping that those days are behind me!

“Go Beat the Bucket” deals with “Bucket List” activities. All those things that you’d like to do before your time is over with and you kick the bucket. Admittedly I only added the “Go” bit because the domain name “beatthebucket.com” was already taken (by a plumber for Christ’s sake).

Then again with a bar set as low as “Alkari” I couldn’t really go wrong.


The Idea

Having run Action Adventures for 3 years now, I’ve come across a great deal of people who’ve managed to achieve some success in their professional lives and are now asking “What’s next?”

There’s more to life than making money. That’s why so many people have bucket lists, whether written on paper or stored in your head. (I’m not knocking money by the way. Money’s awesome. If you feel like you have too much of it, please contact me so I can arrange to relieve you of this burden: kev@action-adventures.com)

Everyone I’ve spoken to has a list—whether they call it a bucket list or not—of things they’d like to do. They also have another list of reasons for why they can’t do them.

The excuses are things like not having enough time, not knowing where to start; or even just a lack a friends with similar interests to do it with.

Go Beat the Bucket aims to solve those problems for you. I want to help tick off each and every item on your bucket list.

The Facebook group is somewhere you can meet other people with a similar interest in adventure. Share some of the items on your list with us and we’ll organise everything so that you don’t have to worry about it! Fancy swimming with sharks but can’t convince any of your current friends to go with you? Go Beat the Bucket! Want to hike to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro but don’t have the time to get it organised? Go. Beat. The. Bucket!!!

The Plan

The more people we can get involved in the group, the more adventures we can arrange! I’d like to be organising multiple trips each year, ranging from activities in the UK to experiences across the world. The bigger this gets, the easier it’ll be to tick off your bucket list! All I need you to do is join the group. From there you can share your bucket list, or simply keep an eye out for an activity that interests you. Once you’ve joined, invite your friends along for the journey.

I hope you guys are as excited about this as I am. I can’t wait to see what sort of things we do together!

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