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Check out our list of awesome adventure activities and packages!

Click on the activity that interests you below to find out more or scroll down to see our multi-activity adventure packages!

Multi-Activity Adventure Packages

We have a selection of adventure packages that incorporate a range of different activities.  Most of the activities can be scaled to suit a variety of skill levels so you can get maximum enjoyment out of your stay with us!  

Prefer to do things your own way?  Try creating your own adventure holiday… 


Alkari Classic Adventure Holiday The Alkari ‘Classic Adventure Holiday’

Our most popular multi-activity adventure holiday!

Spend 7 nights in Alkari’s Adventure Village in the heart of the beautiful Vallee d’Ossau.  You’ll have 5 full days of heart pumping activities with enough time left to sit back, relax and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings of the Pyrenees.

Activities include hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking and horseback riding.



Alkari Adventures Skydiving The ‘Adrenaline Junky’

For those wanting a little extra ‘umph’…

Experience 5 days of heart-pumping, thrill seeking, adrenaline fueled awesome-ness!  The Adrenaline Junky incorporates some of our most extreme activities from sky-diving to caving and white water rafting.

Activities on offer depend on the time of year, so get in touch for more info!



Survival Training-Alkari Adventures The ‘Doomsday Prepper’

Not for the faint of heart…

You can choose from a selection of different packages teaching you all the basics of bushcraft and wilderness survival, right up to expert techniques for evading capture and remaining unseen!

See our Wilderness Survival Page for more information.



Alkari Adventures DIY The ‘DIY’

Want to do things your own way?  Hey, don’t let us boss you around!

The ‘Do It Yourself’ package gives you the freedom to choose the activities that you want over the time frame that suits you best!