• Tactical Survival: Phase 1

Tactical Survival: Phase 1

“Doing bold things is not about engineering risk to zero.  Shit happens.  And if we just want to restrict ourselves to things where shit can’t happen…we’re never going to do anything very interesting”-Dan Canin

Next Course:  8/9 April 2017

Alkari Adventures has teamed up with The Fortitude Fitness Centre to bring you Phase 1 of our Tactical Survival Series!  Challenge yourself like never before both physically and mentally whilst you learn invaluable skills in wilderness survival, escape and evasion!  The process is anything but easy, but follow the series and by the end you’ll have discovered that you are far more determined, courageous, confident and stronger than you ever knew.

Survival Bow DrillSurvival Knife

On our Phase 1 course, you’ll build a strong foundation by covering the basics of bush-craft and survival.  This course runs over a weekend and includes skills such as:


Establishing Camp & Shelter Construction

Water Procurement & Decontamination

Knife Competency

Camouflage & Concealment

Survival Psychology

Basic Map Reading & Navigation

Wilderness Work Routines

Click on the link below to download a copy of the itinerary  for our next Phase 1 course.  Spaces are limited so make sure you head over to the bookings page now to insure your place!

Phase 1 Survival Itinerary

Fortitude Fitness Centre

  Alkari Wilderness Survival