Kayaking in the Pyrenees

Kayaking in a Range of Different Environments for Complete Beginners to Experts…

Kayaking-AlkariThe area surrounding our Adventure Centre offers an awesome range of different places to jump into a kayak.  From gentle lakes with gorgeous mountain backdrops to raging sections of white water in the nearby rivers, there’s something for everyone who’s keen to get out onto the water.

Kayaking in the Pyrenees-Alkari Group










Lac de Castet

Lac de Castet-Alkari

Ideal for groups of beginners to start learning the basics in a controlled environment, or anyone just looking to jump in a kayak and play around for a few hours, Lac de Castet lies just 5 minutes from Alkari’s Adventure Centre.

The Lake is surrounded by the high mountains making up the Vallee d’Ossau and offers spectacular views of the area as well as the perfect, safe environment to practice and learn before heading in to white-water.



The Ossau and Aspe Rivers

Once you’ve got to grip with the basics, or you already have a decent amount of Gave Ossau-Alkari Kayaking

experience, you’ll move to the white water sections of the River Ossau or the River Aspe.  Both these rivers provide stunning views of the surrounding valley’s as well as incredible sections of white water to get stuck into.River Aspe-Alkari Kayaking







La Stade d’Eaux Vives


Stade d'Eaux Vives-Alkari KayakingThis white water slalom centre in the nearby city of Pau is an incredible location and one of the sites for the 2015 kayaking world championships!  The course consists of a number of sections of white water and different obstacles to make your way through, as well as an underwater conveyor belt to bring you back to the start when you’re ready to go again!

The speed of the current  can be altered depending on your skill level, so this is perfect for both novice and expert.