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Rock Climbing in the Pyrenees

Rock Climbing and Abseiling

One of our most popular, exhilerating and rewarding activities. Rock climbing with Alkari will change your life.Rock Climbing Arudy 2

Beginners and intermediates will be amazed by what they can achieve at the nearby crags of Arudy. This area features over 160 bolted climbing routes for you to get stuck into under the watchful eye of our instructors.

For the more advanced climbers out there, the Pyrenees has plenty to offer you. The crags around the Pic de Midi d’Ossau offer a huge range of single and multi pitch climbing routes. Spend the evenings in the mountains, wild camping under the stars to get the most out of this awesome experience.Rock Climbing Arudy 3

Venture out a little further towards the Cirque de Lescun and the Aiguilles d’Ansabere for even more routes to explore.


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Over 160 climbing routes await you in this hidden gem which lies just 10 minutes drive from our centre in the Vallee d’Ossau.  Arudy features a huge range of bolted climbing routes for all skill levels.

Beginners can cut their teeth on dozens of top-roping routes set up in advance by our instructors. For the more advanced climbers, the bolted routes offer a huge variation of different climbs to lead.

With such a vast number of routes to try out, you can easily spend a week in Arudy alone without running out of new climbs to explore.

Cirque de Lescun

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The picturesque setting of the Cirque de Lescun provides a wide variety of different climbs for all levels. For the beginners, a number of bolted sport routes can be found at Rocher de la Verge and Rocher de Pennebouchere. You can also spend the day at the Borde d’Anapia, a huge free standing boulder that feature a variety of different sport routes with plenty of natural protection for more experienced traditional climbers.

More extreme, multi-pitch routes can be found in abundance at the nearby Aiguilles d’Ansabere and the striking Orgues de Camplong.


Pic du Midi d’Ossau

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The sheer amount of routes and the beauty of the surrounding make Pic du Midi d’Ossau one of the most popular mountains for rock climbing in the Pyrenees. The andesite rock that makes up the mountain provides plenty of natural protection for more experienced climbers to experience any number of the huge range of routes.

As well as the nearby Refuge de Pombie, there are plenty of great places to wild camp in the area in case of a late finish. This is a good thing too, as there are easily enough routes to spend days at the mountain.

The Pic du Midi d’Ossau is also one of our most popular destinations for hiking groups in case you find your arms need a break!


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