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Bespoke Team Building Challenges

If you’re looking for the ultimate team challenge; to test your team’s ability to operate under pressure, develop strong bonds and forge an unbeatable mindset, our bespoke team building packages are for you.

We’ve drawn upon our collective experiences within the military to create events that are completely unique.

Team building group sitting around a camp fireStranded: Wilderness Survival

You’re stranded in a remote location with limited equipment and little chance of rescue. Do you have what it takes to come together as a unit and survive the night?

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Night vision on a camp siteBehind Enemy Lines: Surveillance & Reconnaissance

A dangerous enemy cell is operating in the area. You must embed yourselves deep behind enemy lines to gather as much intelligence as possible whilst avoiding capture!

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Shock of Capture: Escape & Evasion

You’ve been taken captive by an unknown group of hostiles. It’s going to take all of your mental fortitude to resist interrogation, escape captivity and survive on the run from a trained hunter force!

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A Totally Unique Challenge

There’s no better test of teamwork than having to perform under pressure in an extreme environment. Each member of your team will be taken out of their comfort zone and learn to adapt to any challenge. With our bespoke team building packages, you’ll get a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Four men in a survival shelter-team building

Our instructors are all former Commandos, mountaineers and adventurers. We’re passionate about what we do and committed to bringing you the perfect team building event.


Please contact us and our team will help you choose from our selection of unique challenges to create the perfect event to meet your individual goals.


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We tailor each of our packages to your specific goals. Please contact us via the details below, or fill out the contact form and well get back to you right away.


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