• Survival

Wilderness Survival Weekend!

Wilderness Survival, Escape & Evasion

Wilderness Survival
Bow Drill
Shelter Construction
Team building-River crossing

Trip Duration: 4 Days/3 Nights

Upcoming dates:

Price: £485.00 per person (excluding flights)



Day 1- Arrive at Chateau de Gere

Arrive at Lourdes airport where you’ll be met by a friendly member of the Alkari team before setting off for the Chateau in the heart of the Pyrenees. Once you arrive, you’ll be shown to your room, enjoy a friendly safety brief and hey, we’ll even throw in some tea, coffee, a glass of wine or a chilled beer or two!

Meals included: Dinner (Served at Chateau de Gere)

Accommodation: Gere Belesten

Day 2-Bushcraft Basics

You’ve got a busy day ahead. Fortunately we’ll be serving up a huge cooked breakfast for you to chow down on before you get started! 

Today we’ll take you through all of the most important elements of survival. This includes building an effective shelter (and the handy knots that make it possible!), finding and processing water, building a toasty fire, foraging and processing game. Oh and we’ll throw some navigation in there for good measure!

Later on you can put your new found wilderness cookery skills to good use during a hearty barbecue at the chateau. Make sure you eat plenty, you’ll need it for tomorrow!

Meals included: Large cooked breakfast (served at Chateau de Gere), Lunch (packed and carried) and Dinner (barbecue at chateau)

Accommodation: Chateau de Gere

Day 3-Into the Wild

Another nice big breakfast will ensure you’re fortified for the next 24 hours. From here on you’ll be eating only what you can find!

A few consolidatory exercises will ensure you know your tinder from you kindling, along with a couple of more physical evolutions to get you focused! Then we’ll take you through some escape techniques in case you find yourself in a sticky situation in a pair of handcuffs.

After a hike into the wilderness of the Pyrenees mountains, you’ll get the chance to put all your new skills to the test as you spend the night out in the wild! Oh, and be careful, because you’re not the only ones out there and you have high bounties on your heads! Your mission: To evade capture and make it safely back to the chateau where a warm drink and snacks will be waiting for you.

Meals included: Breakfast (Served at Chateau de Gere), Lunch (wherever you can find it), Dinner (wherever you can find it)

Accommodation: The great outdoors

Day 4-Departure

We’ll give you a little lie in, since we’re nice! Breakfast will be served for you back at the at the chateau. After packing your bags, you’ll have a chance to visit the local cheese farm and stop off in town for coffee and crepes before we head back to Lourdes airport.

Meals included: Cooked breakfast (served at Chateau de Gere), packed lunch for the road (Because we treat you guys right!)

What’s Included

  • 3 nights accommodation (2 of which will be decidedly more comfortable than the 3rd)
  • Expert instruction in a range of survival skills
  • All necessary safety equipment
  • Fully catered including soft drinks, unlimited tea/coffee and a glass of wine or bottle of beer on arrival
  • Stylish Alkari Adventures T Shirt!
  • Alkari thermos so you’re never without your favourite cuppa! 

Contact us for more details!